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Ensuring The Best Solution For All Family Members

The divorce rate has continued to rise over the past 30 years. As these family structures change, so does the legal responsibility of each spouse. This is especially true for each parent in regards to property division and parental rights.

The divorce process usually takes an emotional toll on the whole family which can lead to hasty decisions without considering all the legal consequences. At Howard L. Lotven, A Professional Corporation, we try to ease the transitions involved in divorce proceedings. Our team can provide guidance while reviewing the paperwork and educating our clients about what lies ahead.

An Attorney Ready To Ease The Transition

An important aspect to consider in these cases is communication. It can prove very unreliable to listen to an ex-spouse, as the emotional dynamic between ex-spouses can easily lead to misunderstandings or a misinterpretation of the intended message. This scenario could lead to one of the parents losing their rights.

With an attorney on your side, you will not be taken advantage of or be tricked into an emotional argument.

Marital Property Division And Missouri Parenting Plan

It is necessary to consult with an attorney when considering large issues such as dividing marital assets, child custody, visitation or determining who will pay for insurance, education, and other costs involving the child’s nourishment. It is important to draft an agreement that ensures the best possible life for the children but also works well for the parents.

With property division, all property must be divided in a divorce. Property divisions require a significant amount of paperwork and forms. You will need an attorney to make sure all the paperwork is done correctly so you can successfully complete your divorce.

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