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Guidance In Family Law Proceedings

With over 35 years of experience as legal professionals, Howard L. Lotven, A Professional Corporation has handled a wide range of family law cases.

We have guided families throughout their divorce proceedings, child support modifications and restraining orders, and assisted with all the necessary paperwork and administrative steps.

Compassionate Family Lawyer For You

In Missouri, fathers’ rights have recently become a common legal issue. We have helped hundreds of parents needing their child support or visitation altered, and fathers looking to have their parental rights legally acknowledged.

In many of these cases, there are a couple of recurring situations that our clients face. Either the custodial parent is not allowing the other parent to see the child, or the father has never been legally declared the father, and has been cut off by the mother. The custodial parent may be making more money than the other parent, or the father wants to become the custodial parent due to negligence on the mother’s part such as the mother being homeless or unable to provide for the child in an appropriate manner.

Child Custody, Child Support And More

Regardless of what your child custody situation is, you need to consult with an attorney. Over the course of several years, the living situation for the custodial parent may change, either financially or geographically, and it is important to allow an attorney to continuously review your parental rights case. If the custodial parent loses their job or goes through a financial change, we can help you with possible modification of the child support amount and make sure that your parental rights are continuously protected.

It is also necessary to consult with an attorney about what the other party may be informing you, ensuring its validity. At Howard L. Lotven, A Professional Corporation, we explain how the law works and how our clients should protect themselves. Whether it involves divorce, modifications of child support or restraining orders, we can guide you throughout the process.

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