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Ending The Vicious Cycle: Driving While Suspended

In Missouri, we now have 30 different ways to have a driver’s license suspended. Stealing gas, not paying taxes, or being behind on paying child support are all factors that can lead to a license suspension. The most common case of a license suspension is the result of not paying a traffic or speeding ticket.

In the case of a license suspension, it is important to quickly hire legal representation to end the vicious cycle before it escalates into something even more serious. The risk with these kinds of offenses is that if unpaid, they go from being a minor offense to a more serious one very quickly.

People often get themselves into a loop after being charged with a license suspension. In order to keep their jobs and earn money to pay for the legal consequences of their mistake, they keep driving, which often leads to a re-suspension leading to felony charges.

Missouri License Suspension Defense

At Howard L. Lotven, A Professional Corporation, we work to have our client’s licenses reinstated and work with them to end the cycle. With over 35 years of experience as legal professionals, we are able to help clients get back on track and minimize the fines and consequences of the violation. We help keep their licenses from being re-suspended.

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