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Kansas City, Missouri, Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

In Missouri, it is considered a criminal offense not to pay child support. The ramifications of this criminal offense are severe including suspension of your driver’s license, owing $1,000 or more, and the possibility of a felony on your record.

Experienced Civil And Criminal Lawyer

The worst case scenario of not paying child support is the risk of obtaining legal status as a felon. It is therefore important to hire experienced legal representation that can handle both the civil and criminal law aspect of this kind of case.

At Howard L. Lotven, A Professional Corporation, we focus on two important steps in order to minimize the damage done. We negotiate on behalf of our clients to ensure that they can keep their driver’s license and we lower the charge from felony status to a simple misdemeanor.

On the civil side of the law, we provide modifications of the current child support judgment. We negotiate and work hard to establish a child support amount that our clients are able to afford. We understand that there can be factors such as losing a job, reduced wages, and disability that are out of our client’s control and have contributed to the failure to pay the child support judgment. A client may still be paying a certain amount of child support, but because it isn’t the full amount, they may still come across legal problems.

Unpaid Child Support In Missouri

Everyone has the basic right to have their child support debt reduced due to circumstances. Many clients are unaware of this child support law and therefore miss the opportunity to request a reduction.

With over 35 years experience in both civil and criminal law, Howard L. Lotven can help parents keep their driver’s license, reduce the charges and determine a payable child support amount that is satisfactory to both parents, the child and the court.

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