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Dedicated Criminal Defense: Obtaining The Best Results Possible For Your Case

Clients come to us with various criminal charges and cases. At Howard L. Lotven, A Professional Corporation, we see a lot of cases involving drug crimes, theft, burglary, domestic violence, destruction of property, DUIs, and eluding an officer, and several cases of driving with suspended licenses.

Aggressive Defense When You Need It Most

People facing serious criminal charges have typically found themselves in situations where they made a bad decision and ended up facing charges for it. There are cases where the people are innocent or have been falsely accused, and cases where police officers have overreacted and overcharged our clients.

In most criminal charges, we aim for positive results in our client’s case, including:

  • Helping our clients stay out of jail
  • Allowing our clients to have their say in court — explaining their case and situation to the judge

With more serious crimes such as DUIs, burglary and destruction of property, we focus on all the details and facts pertaining to the case. We also look at exactly how the law functions and what the prosecutor’s case is, and work hard to minimize the damage done or have the charges completely dismissed. In cases requiring expert assistance, we hire experts for optimal results.

Child Abuse, Kidnapping And Domestic Disputes

During a divorce or separation, it is not uncommon for disagreements or domestic disputes to arise. In some of these cases, the father or mother may attempt to keep their children away from the other parent by kidnapping them. With our experience as both prosecutors and defense attorneys, we can offer our clients experience and knowledge not only of the legal system but also on what to expect in their case, from both a defense and prosecution point of view.

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