About Our Law Firm

At the law firm of Howard L. Lotven, we take our time looking at facts and the law in order to determine what needs to be accomplished in every case. We look to see if there's a valid defense or aspects that support our client's case. We are not afraid to try cases, or challenge the process.

Fighting For Constitutional Rights

In Kansas City, the red light camera system has been implemented in order to attempt to reduce crime and traffic accidents. However, there have been instances where fake tickets have been sent out to drivers with the intention to make the driver admit guilt and pay extra for the fine. Our law firm has been active in fighting to have the red light system removed. We are not afraid to buck the system if it means protecting our client's constitutional rights.

Able To Challenge The Process: Experienced Missouri Criminal Defense And Family Law Lawyer

Having previous experience as prosecutor and also as a judge and defense attorney, we are able to provide a dual view, allowing perception into both the positives and negatives in each criminal defense case. We have served on court committees and worked closely with prosecutors and defense attorneys, and have established a close relationship with local judges.

A successful criminal defense case is when the attorney really looks at their client's case, the law and the prosecutor's case. We have been able to have criminal charges against our clients completely dismissed through strategic understanding of how the law works and facts involving our clients. We take the time to hire experts when necessary to help our client's case.

Dedicated Family Law Counsel

Within family law, we work hard on ensuring the rights of the parents and family members involved. Fathers seeking to become the custodial parent of their child following a divorce or separation between the parents has become more common over the past 10 years. Situations where the mother is not allowing the father to visit their child, or the mother being homeless and unable to provide for the child, are cases that involve father's rights. In these cases, we focus on the facts of the case and work hard at ensuring not only the best outcome for our clients, but also for the children involved.

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