Handling Complex Property Division Cases In Missouri

One of the most complicated issues in a divorce is the division of assets and liabilities. All property that you and your spouse own as well as any debts must be characterized as separate or marital property and then divided under the theory of equitable division of property. What exactly does that mean?

Having a dedicated and knowledgeable divorce attorney in Kansas City can help resolve this and many other divorce issues. Property division can be complex as each situation is unique. At the law firm of Howard L. Lotven, our lawyer has over three decades of legal experience. He can help you determine your divorce goals, including property division, and seek the best outcome for your individual case.

What Is Marital Property Division?

This is essentially the process in which assets and liabilities are divided. Missouri is an equitable division of property state. What this means is this is not necessarily a 50-50 split. Instead, the first thing that happens is each asset or liability is deemed "marital property" or "separate property." In a general sense, this means all property acquired during the duration of the marriage is considered marital property. This property is then divided equitably (negotiations can occur and a judge can also determine this issue).

The separate property is considered not part of this process. Keep in mind we're speaking in general terms. Every situation is different and there are many types of property to consider, including real property (such as homes and commercial real estate) as well as businesses, retirement accounts and more.

That is why it is so important to have a seasoned attorney at your side to advocate for you and help you with the divorce process.

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