Experienced With Post-Divorce Modification Issues

Families that have had child support or child custody judgments established in the past will typically require to have the judgment modified at some point in time. Oftentimes the financial or geographical circumstances change, making it necessary to adjust the judgments accordingly.

Legal Aid In Adjustment Of Financial Status

At the law firm of Howard L. Lotven, we have handled cases where one or both of the parents lose their jobs, receive a pay decrease or increase, remarry, or move to a new location. In all of these scenarios, there is change involved, and it is therefore necessary to hire legal representation that can help adjust the child support to fit these changes.

If a parent is suddenly unemployed, or suffers an involuntary reduction of income, the parent needs to prove this financial change to the court in order to have the child support judgment lowered. This can prove to be difficult to achieve without proper representation as it entails very specific forms and documentation in order to be successful. With our legal representation, we can help ensure that you are not paying more child support than what is necessary for the benefit of your child.

Dedicated Child Custody Counsel In Missouri

In child custody cases, the adjustments made to the original judgment are typically more centered around the child's living conditions. Over time, children may be legally emancipated from the parents.

In the state of Missouri, children are automatically emancipated from their parents when they go to military school. If a child is emancipated from the custodial parent, a modification of the original custody judgment needs to be altered or removed, affecting both parents visitation rights.

Since situations tend to change over time, it is necessary to have a lawyer review your custody and support case every few years. This precautionary measure can prevent more expensive situations in the future and prevent losses of child support, since you will be properly informed of your legal responsibilities according to the judgment.

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