Having Traffic Tickets Amended Through Skillful Negotiation

Clients that come to us with traffic violation charges are typically facing charges such as speeding tickets, accidents, or driving with a suspended license.

When charged with a driving or traffic offense the ramifications can vary depending on the severity of the offense. In most cases, clients end up with points on their licenses and auto insurance increases. With our legal help, the tickets can be amended through plea negotiating, while saving money on increased insurance costs.

Traffic Violation In The Kansas City Area?

One of the first steps we take when representing and defending our client's case is reviewing the actual charges. We thoroughly examine all the police reports and go through all the facts that occurred in the case; what was done, when and by whom. We have been successful at determining actions of the opponent that contradict facts of the case, and have been able to prove our client's innocence.

Red Light Camera System

In Missouri, there is currently a red light camera system used to photograph drivers who drive through a red light. Although this system is meant to reduce traffic accidents, there have been cases where drivers have been incorrectly charged with these offenses. At the law firm of Howard L. Lotven, we defend our clients against these charges. We know the particular courts and policies, and are able to thoroughly investigate our client's charges instead of assuming their guilt.

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